Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Frank Ghery Vs Dubstep, a selection of his designs, across the USA

I spent a month travelling around the Land of Frosted Cornflakes hitting up 17 Ghery designs including his personal residence in Santa Monica (that was a bit awkward). It was only after I got to Cleveland and the Peter B. Lewis building that I realised that photographs couldn't really do justice to the dance of lights across the skins of the buildings, as such started to take video as well. Why dubstep (well if you want to get technical brostep in this case)? It's what most of the campers were listening to at camp that summer, that and one direction (I worked three months at camp Merrowvista in New Hampshire before heading on the cross country adventure) I'd never heard of it previously. Match made in heaven me thinks.   

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